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Our Mantra


Together, Everyone, Achieves, More

We want our customers to understand what is important to us and to appreciate the core values that we hold in our business. Our aim is to provide first class property investments coupled with first class customer care and to act 100% in the interests of our valued investors who have instructed us to protect their interests. To be transparent, open, honest, diligent, educational, friendly and sincere in everything that we do.

We are a specialist property sourcing company working hand in hand with both vendors and investors, using our expertise to source investments with great potential. We will help you to navigate through the minefield of buying and selling property in the UK, and will help you every step of the way to ensure a smooth, simple and profitable buying & selling experience with us.

We pride ourselves on being approachable, reliable and above all ethical

Dealmaking expertise

Over the years we have gained an envied reputation for our unique combination of strategic advice and dealmaking expertise. Read about some of our recent transactions.

Investment & development market knowledge

Our founders saw the need for an agency specialising in development and investment opportunities in the residential market. Since then we have grown into an agency with expertise in many fields of Sourcing, Development, Portfolio Growing, Joint Ventures and Planning.

Our dedicated, personal approach

From your first call, you will find dealing with us very straightforward. You will have one point of contact, supported by a team of residential specialists who are dedicated to helping you succeed.

What We Do

What makes us stand out?

Treasure Asset was set up specifically to help people with little or no knowledge of the property market. Whether you are a complete novice, or an experienced Buy To Let investor, we can help you build your property portfolio using our experience and detailed knowledge.

We take care of all aspects of building your own portfolio and we pride ourselves on "holding your hand every step of the way".

  • 1. We are a dedicated property sourcing agent.Open or Close

    We are retained by our clients for a good reason, as we know the UK property market inside and out, we are investors ourselves, and we are here to help you.

  • 2. Working in the best interest of the vendor? Open or Close

    With the large database of cash ready investors, this will give you the best opportunity to dispose your asset at the best price within a short period of time.

  • 3. We are experienced sourcing agents in the UK.Open or Close

    We hand pick the best properties and investments based on their investment and development potential so that YOU the investor maximise your returns.

  • 4. Debt and finance funding solution.Open or Close

    This is a critical aspect of property investing. Many don't understand it fully in order to take advantage of the opportunities which lay in creative financial solutions to turbo charge your property portfolio. Where there is a will then there is usually a way!

  • 5. Asset Management and Leasing optionsOpen or Close

    Managing your single asset or your ever growing portfolio we can help in addressing current and future challenges which you may face. Safe guarding your assets is key to long term planning. The use of options in property can be a very powerful strategy whereby it can create an opportunity for one and a solution for the other without anyone actually having a property bought or sold! We guide people through such techniques in our workshops and in practise.

  • 6. Planning and development.Open or Close

    This is a specialist area within the property cycle where if you get it wrong, it can be a very costly exercise in putting it right again. At Treasure Assets we have a wealth of experience dealing with a wide range of scenarios from simple planning matters on a small project to highly complex developments requiring professional guidance who we would deal with on your behalf. We don't shy away from any challenge especially if there is a lucrative deal involved for our investors.

  • 7. Property Consortiums.Open or Close

    This is really when things get interesting! Here at Treasure Assets we pool like-minded investors together and use property as an investment vehicle to access quick returns. We do this by sourcing large substantial high-end-value properties which are further up the food chain. We are able to move quickly on these below market offerings because we are generally regarded as 'cash buyers' who are ready to commit on short notice. Great deals don't hang around for long! By moving quickly on these opportunities we can really make your investment grow FAST. Sometimes we will stay with a property for the long haul allowing the asset to do what it does best naturally, appreciate over time. Be part of a great TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More!

  • 8. Property Education and training.Open or Close

    What's the saying? Knowledge Is Power! This has never been so true than now in property investing. Historically, property has been one of the most lucrative asset classes for the wealthy. We want to train and educate the next generation of property entrepreneurs regardless of your previous experience and background. With a little know how and the right backing from Treasure Assets you can achieve a lifestyle that currently you may only be dreaming about! Learn the secrets and short cuts to your property success with us through our mentoring and training programmes and workshops.

  • 9. Women and Property.Open or Close

    A specialist area of Treasure Assets dedicated in helping like-minded women to succeed in property. Our dedicated team members assigned to this division of business are passionate about ‘helping women in property’.

Investing in London and Surrounding Areas

The London property market is widely considered to be a safe-haven investment in times of economic and political unrest. While deciding whether or not to invest in London may be an easy decision, the purchasing process can often be complicated, as there are many rules and regulations that may be different to an investor.

Treasure Assets has considerable expertise in advising clients in all aspects of the property cycle. We can help search for the ideal investment Property and handling the negotiations and contracts on your behalf. Our Holistic approach also includes funding, planning and management of your Treasure Asset.

If you are an overseas investor looking to enter into the London property market or expand your current portfolio, please contact us.

Our Services


We have excellent relations with a number of banks, principal lenders and independent financial specialists who specialise in the commercial and residential mortgage marketplace.

We also have connections with tax specialists in both the residential and commercial property sectors, in the UK and offshore.


Our in-house General Counsel assists with our own legal affairs, including our companies, contracts, acquisitions and disposals, as well as more general legal matters.

We also work closely with a number of law firms in London specialising in both residential and commercial property law.

We’d be delighted to recommend our panelled lawyers and accountancy services.


Treasure Assets runs an in-house letting and property management department that offers a full service to both local and overseas investors.

We also have a joint venture with one of London’s largest commercial property management companies, collectively managing hundreds of properties nationwide.

Our dedicated lettings and management team consistently takes expert care of our landlords’ properties, with the aim of providing our clients with peace of mind and maximising the value of rent achieved.

Our team can manage property throughout the lettings process, including:

Screening tenants, organising inventories, arranging pre-tenancy cleaning, day-to-day maintenance issues, handling deposit negotiations once the tenancy has come to an end.


The co-founders at Treasure Assets have many years of experience in dealing with all the many different types of property transactions. As a company we offer a training and mentoring programme designed specifically to show you how you can utilise these strategies to build a successful property portfolio and generate wealth.

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